Public Sector

Knowsulting has accumulated experience in more than 50 strategic purchasing tenders with the three administration levels.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Public procurement of innovation
    • Demand-side approach
    • Supply-side approach
  • Strategic purchasing
  • Green public procurement
  • Procurement for economic development
  • Streamlining of public procurement
  • Occasional joint procurement
  • Framework agreements
  • European funding for public procurement

Other specialised services

  • Strategic design of the procurement processes (including support for public-public and public-private negotiation processes).
  • Identification of and support in the application for and management of European funding for procurement.
  • Ideation and challenge-selection processes.
  • Unsolicited tender processes or expressions of interest (supply-side procurement).
  • Preliminary market consultation processes, from legal documents, to event organisation, to the management of the proposals.
  • Technical/administrative specifications and all documentation and records.
  • Support in negotiation processes and competitive dialogue.
  • Training and support for bid evaluators.
  • Support for appeals and other file proceedings.
  • Design of mechanisms to assess and manage changes.

More than 100 sessions taught over the last three years.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Public procurement of innovation
  • Structural funds
  • Competitive funding
  • Innovation management

Other specialised services:

  • In-House Training: Theoretical and practical workshops adapted to the needs of each speaker based on real-life success stories.
  • Design of customised training itineraries.
  • Preparation of guides and associated documentation.
  • Courses on the complete cycle of PPI in the pipeline (ideation, funding, market consultations, preparation of specifications, allocation and execution management, grounds for European funds, communication and management of the changes).

Experience designing and managing leading global projects such as the Canarias Geo Innovation Programme, the Civil Uavs Initiative or the Hospital 2050/Innova-Saúde

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Design and management of investment-attraction programmes
  • Management of challenging technical offices
  • Multi-fund financing
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Public-public partnership management
  • Communication and dissemination

Projects with more than 14 economic development agencies, experience in innovation strategy in the Health, ICT, Aeronautical, Transport and Environment sectors.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Strategic plans
  • Development agencies
  • Sectoral innovation plans

Other specialised services:

  • Strategy drafting
  • Trend analysis
  • Management liaison with other agents
  • Economic feasibility studies and funding-source surveys
  • Design of public-public or public-private governance
  • Legal analysis (if applicable)
  • Political communication plan
  • Instrument design
  • Design and startup of new entities
  • Design of evaluation systems

Design and management of programmes for the recruitment of outstanding researchers, promotion of regional and local entrepreneurship through trailblazing sectors and companies and tech-transfer instruments in several Autonomous Communities.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Programme design
  • Instrument design
  • Demand-driven entrepreneurship support

Other specialised services:

  • Design and management of ERC acquisition programmes
  • Design of proof of concept funds and tech-transfer policies
  • Promotion of tech transfer from Public Procurement of Innovation
  • Design and management of programmes to boost entrepreneurship, leveraging the region’s leading business sector
  • Pioneers in promoting entrepreneurship through public procurement (Public-demand-driven entrepreneurship support)
  • Design of strategic plans to promote knowledge transfer
  • Advice on research centres spin off ecosystems
  • Matching of supply of innovation to the needs of the workplace

Knowsulting successfully runs PPI Technical Project Offices throughout Spain

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Process management
  • Activity planning
  • Legal advice
  • Public communication
  • Technological advice
  • Financial control
  • Document management

Private Sector

Successful support to more than 25 companies in the ENERGY, BIOTEC, AI, AERONAUTICAL, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, MEDTEC, PHARMA sectors.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Trend analysis
  • Early warning for business opportunities
  • Business strategy and tactics
  • Theoretical and practical training of sales forces
  • Partner search
  • Comprehensive support in bidding processes
  • Advice on negotiation processes and competitive dialogue
  • Management of incidents

Experience in the health, water, energy, environment and ICT sectors, among others

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Sales notebook
  • Lobby to explore funding
  • Support
  • Alliance design and management
  • Networking

Other specialised services:

  • Extensive knowledge of the programming and reprogramming processes of European funds for the financing of strategic projects
  • Knowledge of public sector decision factors
  • High relational capital at all administrative levels (General, Regional and Local)

Next generation EU


Reprogramming of funds to manage future health crises.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Identification of innovative solutions for the management of future pandemics
  • Design of agile procurement mechanisms and public-private partnerships
  • Support in obtaining 14-20 structural funds via reprogramming
  • Planning of actions for funding in the 2021-27 period

Preparation of economic recovery plans

  • Preparation of economic recovery plans
  • Design of instruments to support the business fabric
  • Strategic purchasing for post-Covid-19 economic recovery
  • Design of evaluation systems and monitoring of plans


Fast-tracking of business solutions for the future management of Covid-10.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Design of customised solutions to adapt them to the needs of the public sector
  • Identification of key buyers in the public sector.
  • Comprehensive advice in procurement processes, including support in negotiation processes.

Promotion of new formats of public-private partnerships in the management of pandemics.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Identification of funds available in the public sector to finance procurement
  • Design of innovative instruments for Public-Private Partnerships
  • Study of the needs and trends of the public sector in the management of pandemics